16 November

Sick Kids VS – the Lets help kids win the fight

On Oct 13th Sick Kids Hospital launched one of their biggest campaigns ever with “Sick Kids VS.” It features 50 patients and more than 100 staff members in images of courage and resilience that are featured inside and outside the hospital.

AIPmedia was proud to be the company to install all the graphics elements at Sick Kids Hospital, from various self-adhesive graphics to exterior signs and a huge 24’ x 80’ banner in the main atrium.

This is truly an amazing campaign, from a strong valuable message, amazing art direction and flawless delivery on all media fronts.

The fight metaphor at core is not meant to claim that every kid should be a fighter, but rather that at SickKids they’re fighting for every kid.

“It’s not a way that we’re used to seeing charities speak to their audience and yet it is so fundamentally true and authentic,” Lori Davidson, vice president of branding strategy and communications for SickKids, “We need it to be a new message, a new voice, in order to jolt the people that are sitting on the sidelines, and bring them in to fight with us.”

Let’s not stand by the sidelines, let’s help these kids win the fight!
Please go to the link below and give: https://secure.sickkidsfoundation.com/donate

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