20 January

The Value of a Site Inspection

Everyone is always so focused and excited about how great the graphics can look they sometimes forget the boring first step; the Site Inspection!

We know we need them; but nobody wants to do them – take responsibility for them – or really have the added expense of paying for them.

How often have you done a perfect print job, perfectly colour matched and laminated, trimmed, packaged and shipped in record time just to discover upon install that you’re a few inches short or forgot to account for the mullions?  We’ve all been there, and now that small extra charge for a site inspection is nothing compared to a reprint and possibly removal and re-install charge.

AIPmedia can help you with this – we will of course measure the space and give you an accurate template to format your graphics, but we can also advise best material to use, indicate any visual obstructions and also check for any obstacles that could hinder install.

Also, we guarantee the site check, if it off, then we are responsible for the added costs of reprint and re-install. We also offer a tiered site check package – from simple measurements for rush jobs to accurate 1:10 scale PDF’s for your art department can use – all with excellent photo reference.

We view spaces from a unique installation perspective and will advise you on the best possible substrates and warn of any pitfalls. We can also audit entire locations and provide a binder of all graphic surfaces to help your sales team explore selling possibilities.

Site inspections are the 1st step of a successful graphic installation. They are valuable long after the 1st graphic install is completed, in most cases used for years for additional campaigns.

Call AIPmedia to expertly measure and evaluate any site – interior or exterior – before commencing with a major graphics campaign.


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