Site Inspections

When you have multiple locations in various cities it can be difficult to have a clear understanding of where to start or to know what space is ideal to implement a national ad campaign.

AIPmedia is available from the early consultation stage of a project; we will accurately measure all locations across your entire network and get you 1:10 scale PDF’s for your art department with excellent photo reference. We view spaces from a unique installation perspective and will advise you on the best possible substrates and warn of any pitfalls.

We can cover the basics as well as offer solutions for more complex programs. We will even create custom solutions for advertising in spaces that have never been done before.


Window / Visual Displays

Keeping your visual displays up-to-date and quality consistent among various markets is imperative to upholding a good first impression of your brand. Often, change-outs are required across all locations over a short period in order to meet a launch date or convey a unified adverting campaign. Providing you with great graphics solutions and meeting your deadlines is our strength.

Through AIP you will have access to over 500 skilled graphic installers throughout all metropolitan areas of North America and even into Europe. We have vetted these installers and we are aware of their variety of strengths and specialties. Our teams are experts in all forms of Vinyl, Film, Banners, Murals, 3D Lettering and Displays. Your project will have the right person on your project to ensure accuracy and success.

AIPmedia will follow your directive and schedule to the letter, whether this means working before, during or after hours. We will remove all existing marketing, garbage and packaging and dispose of it off-site so that retailers feel no burden by a new advertising campaign.

We will report al aspects of every install using our secure and encrypted web based Project Management Software – you will have access to photos, notes and all info on your jobs securely and in real time.

Logistics / Warehousing

You may have a single window graphic or multiple graphics over hundreds of stores – either way it is imperative that all graphics are on site and installed as per your directive.

Our team will ensure all elements are arriving on time, in order and being stored safely.

Partner warehouses across North America can receive, store, and re-ship elements as required. We use these locations to ensure that all graphics are in the hands of the correct teams as large retailers often easily misplace collateral – it also provides you with a centralized shipping location for multi-store rollouts, lowering your shipping costs.

On occasion certain elements of a campaign can be re-used – we will package, store or ship these items back to your client and provide all shipping details and costs.

Your clients have no headaches regarding unforeseen elements – we remove all our garbage / packaging and previous marketing and dispose of it off site unless otherwise requested.


Site Inspections

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